This project is currently in development and is being ported from Flash to be cross-platform using Unity3D. You are welcome to watch the game development of this project live on or watch the development videos afterward on YouTube.

You can still play the Flash version of the project by following the instructions on this link. In time the Unity3D version will take over, and the Flash version will no longer function.

Candy Sugar Kingdom
Candy Sugar Kingdom is an indie multiplayer game ( MMORPG ) with pets and a real-time action game that requires skill and strategy to defeat your opponents. This is a social game where players can make friends, gain levels, and much more. There are different types of gameplay with the game and a lot of collectable pets and items.

This project was originally created in Flash and is still playable with a local Flash Player. However, this project client is being rebuilt using Unity3D to make the project cross-platform( Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android ) to support all main platforms. The new client version will also support various game inputs( Keyboard/Mouse, Touchscreen, Gamepad ) on all supported platforms.

Project CSK is an indie project that you can view the game development in real-time on or watch the videos afterward on YouTube..
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Halloween 2023
Halloween Event 2023

Halloween 2022
Halloween Event 2022

Dev Journal ( August/21/2022 )
Development progress update

Dev Journal ( July/26/2022 )
Development progress update

Dev Journal ( July/04/2022 )
Development progress update

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