Movement WASD or Arrows Choose your preference
Drop Magic Candy Spacebar Drop Magic Candy where you are standing
Remote detonate B Use your magic powers for remote detonation
Chat Enter Toggle input to chat
Magic Popsicle N Throw a magic popsicle that will freeze almost anything within it's blast range for a short period of time
Block M Place a destroyable block in front of you that can protect you from harm or block and opponents path
Shield < Activate a magical shield that will protect you from any harm for a short period of time
Player names Shift Show/Hide all the player names above their head
To have the remote detonate ability you have to posses the right type of candy which will respond to your remote command.( Remote Candy is not yet implemented )

We do not officially support game controllers but it is possible to play with any game controller by using a 3rd party key mapping application such as JoyToKey.
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