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Pet Abilities
Element Fire
Fire Candy Spell Throw some Magic candy that is so hot it is on fire, don't try this at home.
Fire Claw Skill A powerful fire attack that brings forth a claw made of pure fire.
Fire Touch Spell Harness the hot essence of fire and transfer it on to your target through a Fire touch.
Flame Geyser Spell Focus the element of fire on to one location at an extreme amount that the ground itself breaks and ignites in to a violent geyser of fire.

Element Water
Freeze Spell Attempt to freeze your opponent for a short period of time.
Frost Touch Spell Harness the cold essence of ice and transfer it on to your target through a Frost touch.
Ice Shards Spell Throw shards of ice at your opponent.

Element Earth

Element Lightning
Lightning Bolt Spell Summon a lightning bolt from the sky onto your target...and maybe use it to light up a light bulb someday.

Element Light
Falling Sword Skill Brings down a sword from the sky onto the target...this is how we chop ham so thin.
Greater Heal Spell A powerful healing ability that only the most powerful of magic users can use.
Light Heal Spell Heal yourself or your ally for a small amount...but it won't fix a broken nail.
Power Strike Skill A strong focused attack towards an opponent.
Revive Spell Summon the ultimate power of light to revive a fallen party member.

Element Dark
Magic Bats Spell Summon some magic bats to attack the target opponent.
Shadow Wave Skill Get up close to your opponent and swing your weapon like someone who clearly ate too much chocolate.
Spook Skill Call upon a very scary Ghost to spook the target like they have never been scared before.

Throw Cupcake Skill Throw a Cupcake at your really should eat the cupcake instead of throwing it.
Magic Attack Spell Attack your opponent with basic magic.
Wide Swing Skill Get up close to your opponent and swing your weapon like someone who clearly ate too much chocolate.

Basic Ability
Attack Basic Ability Attack your enemy while yelling Rawrrr...maybe try not to yell too loud because you might disturb others around you.
Block Basic Ability Block an oncoming attack.
Counter Basic Ability Try to counter an oncoming attack.

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