I <3 CSK and want to contribute
If you really like CSK thats' great and want to contribute even better, there is a lot of different ways you can help, keep in mind that CSK is an indie project and has limitations on capacity of what can realistically be done on this scale.

Even though CSK is an indie project it has a fairly large scope as a project in terms of size so there is a lot of aspects to consider when thinking about the project, if you break the project up into it's core components it consists of artwork, design, music, code, story, moderation and others that may not be listed but are also important. Not so complex right? well yes and no...but if you are serous about contributing some of your spare time and your skills then read on.
Where would be be without art?...umm nowhere. And what is art?...well everything is art depending on how you look at it.

But to be more specific the type of artwork that we need for CSK is very specific and it is not possible for anyone to draw if they don't like candy, so if you don't like candy then you should not continue reading. But for those of you who do like candy you can read on.

The style of art in CSK is somewhat hard to explain in words but seeing it helps to better understand it. The perspective is an augmentation of the classic bird eye view so it can't really be called that. Lets just call it an angled view.

The environment objects play on this perspective and distort it a bit further in that they do not conform to any mathematical correct depth and perspective which is done by design. The goal is to make the objects look like they where almost created in a 3D application but stylized in a way to enhance visual appeal.

The characters can be thought of as costumes which are meant to be cute and kind of funny looking with big heads so that the face expressions can be changed on an as needed basis. Most people who like Anime would refer to this as Chibi, though it does not follow any traditional form of Chibi but borrows a little from it to style the artwork in a way that suites CSK.

The pets are also very cute and tiny but loveable in the sense that they are your companions and they will fight for you to defend their owner. Pets are an important part and range in all kinds of cute forms which can be fantasy, almost real and even made up of candy or fruits.

So there really isn't a limitation of what a pet can be or be made of. Though pets can be broken up in to two categories being physical( melee or ranged ) damage dealers and magical( melee or ranged ) damage dealers or possibly even a hybrid of both depending on the owner of the pet.

The items in the game will also range in what they are and what purposes they are use for so it makes sense to have them not be restricted to how they should be drawn but be drawn to suite the need of what they are intended to be used for.

Items range in what they are used for and how they are categorized such as consumables, quest items, pet eggs, weapons, armor and more.

If this type of artwork and style is something that you are comfortable with creating and would like to contribute to CSK please contact us.

The GUI within the game is designed to be simple and easy to use while looking appealing. Having a proper GUI is important because it helps users navigate and better understand what it is that they are interacting with and what will be the perceived outcome from the interaction with a navigational element.

Some of the elements are not interactive but serve a purpose of displaying information in a way that serves a specific purpose even though it is not an interactive element.

However some GUI requires a lot of interaction to perform tasks such an inventory system management which is crutial in that it must be simple but at the same time be very clear in what actions the user can perform as well as provide the same interactive experience across different platforms and input devices.

The website itself is also a design entity which serves a purpose of providing various types of information to the users who visit it and is intended to be simple and informative.

If you love to design and would like to contribute to the design of this project in any of the areas listed above please contact us.

Twitch Broadcaster
If you are interested in broadcasting on Twitch.tv and would like to broadcast Candy Sugar kingdom don't be shy and contact us, no two broadcasters are the same on Twitch.tv. It doesn't matter if it a small audience or a large audience start broadcasting Candy Sugar Kingdom and we will help you in game with your broadcasting to give your audience the best user experience possible.

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