Size Selection

Select the size that you would like to play with, this will open up in a popup window.

* Recomended

The small resolution is 600x450 and requires the smallest amount of system resources The medium resolution is 800x600 and is recommended for all systems with a slightly larger viewing area. The Large resolution is 1024x768 and is best suited for any modern system or for users who would like a large viewing area.
This project is currently in beta state and stuff will go wrong so please report any bugs and issues to the appropriate locations on the forums. Make sure to read the forum rules of how to post with the required information so that we can better diagnos the issue. Any issues that are properly reported will be looked at and addressed when time allows.
Tips , Hints and Tricks
For those who want the best performance it is highly recomended that you close any other applications that are not required and may take up resources. Also make sure to stop and or close any downloads/uploads that may be in progress because they will effect your internet connection which will result in poor latency.
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