1. Inappropriate language
Inappropriate language is not permitted in any way including but not limited to :

Bad words
Sexual comments
Being mean/rude

Using any type of special characters to replace the letters like $#&@ or in any other method is not acceptable.

Inappropriate language is not acceptable even as a joke.
2. Personal information
It is not okay to ask for personal information and it is not okay to give out personal information so that another person can contact you outside of Candy Sugar Kingdom. Personal information includes but is not limited to :

messenger / facebook or others
Telephone/Cell phone

Giving out personal information on the internet is not a good idea.
3. Adult behavior
This is not a dating site or dating game which means that seeking relationships is not acceptable and is not the goal of the game. Also any other adult related discussions such as sexual references of any type and other adult related activities or discussions are not appropriate for this environment.
4. Account passwords
Under no circumstance should you give out your account user name and password or ask for another players user name and password.
5. Impersonating other player
Creating an account to impersonate another player is not tolerated in any way.
6. Account trading
Account trading or selling of any sorts is not allowed and will result in players being permanently banned.
7. Inappropriate nick names
Using an inappropriate nick name when creating an account is not appropriate and will result in being banned.
8. Spamimg chat
Spaming chat in public chat or private message is not appropriate. Chat spam looks like this:


and has no value or relevance what so ever.
9. Cheating
Cheating in any way directly or indirectly to gain an advantage over other players will not be tolerated. This game is meant to be fun for everyone and by cheating the game experience gets ruined for all players.
Moderators are here to make sure that everyone behaves and follows the rules, Moderators have a [Mod] at the start of their name and write in green letters. Please respect the Moderators as they are here to help.
This game is played by players of all ages and these rules are here so that everyone can have a safe and fun environment while playing this game. Breaking these rules will result in being permanently banned from this game, when you are banned you will never be able to play again.

If you have any issues please seek out a moderator or post your issue on the official forums.
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