Candy Sugar Kingdom Tournament 3
CSK T3 is the third official tournament and will probably be the biggest tournament we have ever had in CSK. You can sign up now for the qualifiers which will lead in to the CSK T3. For those of you who do not want to enter the tournament you are welcome to watch it live on

Qualifiers August / 31 / 2013 ( Saturday ) 4:30pm Pacific Time
Finals September / 7 / 2013 ( Saturday ) 4:30pm Pacific Time

Requirements for entering the qualifier is that you must have a Level 3 account. Join tournament here


First place:
- $25 USD Prize money
- 3 months Premium membership
- White Bunny pet Egg
- 50k Jellybeans
Second place
- $10 USD Prize money
- 2 months Premium membership
- 10k Jellybeans
Third place
- $5 USD Prize money
- 1 months Premium membership
- 5k Jellybeans

Conditions for prize money is that upon completion of the tournament the ranked winners must provide a valid PayPal account to the tournament organizer for the transfer of the rewards.

Tournament Rules
All participating members must be present for the qualifiers and the tournament at the appropriate designated time, failure to be present will result in disqualification from the tournament.

Battles between participants will be best of 3 within a Game Room which means that it will be 1vs1 first person to acquire 2 wins will win and progress further in to the tournament.

If both parties are eliminated or time expires then it is not counted as a win or lose for either party.

Only one account per person is permitted to enter the tournament, meaning no duplicate accounts.

Rewards for the winners are not transferable and are given to the registered winning account shortly after the tournament is completed.
Tournament Participants
fighterface, HellCandy, OdarkkingO, sonny00777, Joshua12, KeonF, Yuzak, lol3000, peanutz, cuteKayKay, Cotton, Kami1, mags, MeggieMay, IDangCapNo1F, Sugary, litebunny, tedderisa, bluedragon123, ReshiramZekrom, joshuas241, squirtle234, HoneyBear, everyone, Andrew2173, hanies313, Legacy, Silent, Qwertybob, XxQuickscopexX  
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