Candy Sugar Kingdom is a self proclaimed best award winning game of something and can unofficially guarantee that you will have fun playing this game. We are also not liable for anyone who has cravings for the consumption of any sort of candy while playing this game nor are we liable for anyone who runs away and hides behind a wall when they see candy because that would just be awkward.
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Halloween 2023
Halloween Event 2023

Halloween 2022
Halloween Event 2022

Dev Journal ( August/21/2022 )
Development progress update

Dev Journal ( July/26/2022 )
Development progress update

Dev Journal ( July/04/2022 )
Development progress update

Community Info
Got a good screen shot of something really funny? or something that you really wan't to show to the community? then send it to us and if we like it then it will be spotlighted on the home page showcase. To find out more information about this go to the forums and read more information about how to participate in this.
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