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Game Interface
Players Panel:
The current players that are currently in the room
Chat Panel
The chat panel is not just for chat, you can use the emotions to perform facial expresions on your Character in the game.

You can also perform various different commands:
/chat bubbles off
/chat bubbles on
/emo off
/emo on
/focus message off
/focus message on
/music on
/music off
/sound effects off
/sound effects on
/take picture
/make guild party

*more will be added*
Emotions :
Expressive emotions can be used by selecting one of these Icons.

The proper way of using emotions is to have it at the end of the sentence which changes the face expression on your character :)
Candy type:
The Current candy type that you have in your possesion is indicated by the Candy Icon

The amount you are currently carrying

The total you can carry in your bag
Secondary Items:
The Current current amount of secondary items that you have


Destroyable Block

Magic Popsicle
News and updates
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Community Info
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