Premium Information
Upgrade your account to get full access to Candy Sugar Kingdom and special features. One of the core beliefs during the creation of Candy Sugar Kingdom is that it would be a skill based game first and foremost. Does looking at your best while throwing Popsicles make you a better player?...probably yes. Will you win every single battle just because you look cool?...probably not. But looking good has it's advantages.

Premium account benefits

Larger Friends list
For those players who have maxed out the capacity of their friends list will not have to worry because the premium friends list size is much larger.

More costumes to chose from
Premium members will have access to exclusive characters that can be acquired and used during game play.

Special pets and items
You will also get the ability to have really cool looking pets that look totally awesome specially when carrying a giant weapon :) . Some in game items are also reserved for premium members only.

Larger inventory
One of the nice benefits that premium members also have is a larger inventory so you can have more candy in your inventory and other stuff too. But more candy in your inventory is always a good thing.

Supporting Candy Sugar Kingdom
By becoming a premium member you will also be supporting Candy Sugar Kingdom so that it will become bigger and better.

Premium Members Badge
In your character information area you will see a heart with wings that shows that you support Candy Sugar Kingdom.
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All premium memberships are not recurring. This means that you will not continuously be billed if the membership expires.
Community Info
Got a good screen shot of something really funny? or something that you really wan't to show to the community? then send it to us and if we like it then it will be spotlighted on the home page showcase. To find out more information about this go to the forums and read more information about how to participate in this.
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